About Wagralim

Founded in 2006 as a non-profit association, Wagralim is one of the 6 competitiveness clusters aimed at supporting economic activity and employment in strategic areas for Wallonia.

Located in the heart of Europe, our cluster, which is an expert in the agri-food sector, relies mainly on cooperation by and between industries, universities, and research and training centres.


Missions & strategy

We are the reference partner for technological, business or managerial innovation in the food industry.

Our mission is to accelerate value creation in Walloon companies in the agri-food sector through innovation, partnership and openness to the world.

A sustainable and circular agri-food system: 3 strategic axes

Interconnected and sustainable agri-food system

  • Industrial development of Walloon and European productions, protein independence, reasoned use of inputs, and agricultural and food innovations to maintain the ecosystemic capacity of the food system by integrating climate change.
  • Innovations to create value from agri-food co-products and circularity.
  • New business models for a resilient food system.

Efficient and transparent industry

  • Innovative food technologies for optimal product preservation (clean label, packaging…) and food safety, better quality (organoleptic and nutritional), reduced food waste, less negative impact of packaging and increased energy efficiency.
  • Organizational methods to improve efficiency in industry, human-centred innovation.
  • Digital technologies in industry.

Nutrition and the Consumer

  • Nutritional quality and personalized nutrition, food innovations to reduce non-communicable diseases, new consumption and distribution methods.
  • Digital innovations in the value chain.

Our purpose is to inspire and improve our world

Our values







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Slide Johann d’Archambeau
International Marketing Manager
Chloé Chiappone
Marketing and Communications Officer
Françoise Bodson
Information & Knowledge Manager
Matthieu Van Cottom
“Food Processing” Task Officer
Yuan Chai
International Affairs Officer
Gaëtan Thoron
Manager Industrie 4.0
Tara Mc Carthy
Coordinatrice Food Management
François Heroufosse
General Manager
Sophie Bourez
Project Manager
Marion Potier
Project Engineer
Emmanuel Vanzeveren
Business Developer
Annick Bosseloir
Food quality and safety

Our team

General Manager

Information & Knowledge Manager

Project Manager

Project Engineer

Business Developer

Food quality and safety

International Marketing Manager

Marketing and Communications Officer

International Affairs Officer

Manager Industrie 4.0

“Food Processing” Task Officer

Food Management Coordinator

Industrial members

  • DUMOULIN S.A., Werner Reuter
  • OXYLENT, Bruno Stiernon
  • TEMAFIELD, Benoît Erpicum
  • PURATOS S.A., Bernard Genot
  • THT S.A., Philippe Thonart
  • HERITAGE 1466, Jean-Marc Cabay
  • GHL Groupe, Patrick Schifflers
  • HEDELAB, Christian Gervais

Scientific members

  • Université catholique de Louvain, Yvan Larondelle
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles, Frédéric Debaste
  • Université de Liège, Antoine Clinquart
  • Université de Mons, Ruddy Wattiez
  • Université de Namur, Pierre Van Cutsem
  • Wal-Tech, Yves Houet

Members of the federation

  • FEVIA Wallonie, Anne Reul

Board of Directors

  • Guy Paternoster, Chairman
  • Yvan Larondelle, Vice-chairman
  • François Heroufosse, General manager

The Board of Directors is supported by three observers from the Walloon Region, Departments of Economic Affairs and Employment, Research and AWEX [Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency].