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To stay competitive, you have to be innovative! That’s why the agri-food sector is constantly looking for new products, processes and services as well as new tools to train its workers in a relevant and targeted manner.

Need experts to help you set up your innovation project? Our enthusiastic team will advise and support you through the key steps of the process, from the innovative idea to the final submission of your application!

Challenges we can meet

  • Provide you with guidance and support in the setting up of your project
  • Find relevant partners
  • Refer you to aid in the Walloon Region
  • Provide post-project follow-up
  • Help you to make your innovation actions visible

Advantages of getting involved in a Cluster innovation project

subsidies in the Walloon Region for Research (depending on the size of your company) and up to 100% for Research
innovative training programme specifically adapted to your needs where you manage the set-up
new products and services developed through our projects


Get customized support for your collaborative research and development projects, at the regional, national and international levels.

Examples: Create new sectors, improve process efficiency, develop new products.



Develop a truly innovative training offer for employees in the food industry or certain trades that are in short supply.

Examples: Developing specific skills, adapt training courses for trades in short supply, and create distance learning tools adapted to your needs.

Put your innovation projects into action

How do you find the skills you need? How can you test your idea or process?
First of all, it is essential to determine whether your idea is innovative or not. So ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it new in Wallonia?
  • How is it an innovation?
  • Is it innovative in your field?

To strengthen and put your projects into action, Wagralim helps you to answer these questions and places its expertise and network of specialized partners at your disposal.
Wagralim can draw on its strategic lines of operation to provide you with guidance and support for the entire process of submitting innovation projects.

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Many projects have already been successfully completed

Our innovation experts place their skills on diverse and varied areas in the food industry at your disposal so as to put numerous projects in action. A few concrete examples:

Our latest projects


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They have been project partners


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