Guidance and support for your investment projects


Obtain additional financial support

You are an agri-food company and you wish to obtain financial support in the development of your projects? With the help of Wagralim, you can get 1 to 4% aid for your innovative investment projects !

You would like to get support in order to:

  • Create a production line for a new product range
  • Build storage and processing units for new production
  • Invest in innovative industrial equipment

Advantages of committing to an investment project

of maximum bonus in traditional investment aid.

Procedure for submitting investment projects

Our innovation experts place their skills in diverse and varied areas in the food industry at your disposal so as to put numerous projects in action. To do so, they follow a particular procedure:


1. Orientation meeting

Meet with our team to analyse together whether your investment project is in line with the Cluster’s strategy.

2. International Support Committee meeting

Our international experts carry out a quantitative assessment of your project in cooperation with the Walloon Region.

3. Submission to the Walloon Government panel

We take care of submitting your complete application to the Walloon Government panel.

4. Assessment and decision of the Walloon Government

Your application is assessed by the International Panel of the clusters before the Government makes its decision.

A calendar of calls adapted to investment projects

In order not to slow down the investment projects of companies, the International Panel of the Walloon Government meets 6 times a year to assess the files. There are therefore 3 meetings per year in addition to those planned for R&D and training projects.

Contact the cluster to find out the precise dates for submitting applications.

Cluster projects are open to Cluster Members only. If you wish to gain access to the financing process and the set-up assistance services, you are kindly requested to check your membership status first.

They have benefited from our support for the investment projects


Do you want quality guidance and support in developing your projects?


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