Sophie Bourez


Sophie earned a degree in bioengineering, specializing in food science and technology, and a PhD in cellular biochemistry, nutrition and toxicology from the Catholic University of Louvain. She then joined the Wagralim team as Knowledge Manager. For 3 years, she worked on the implementation of an information storage and management tool, developed an analysis grid with relevant economic and financial indicators to carry out economic segmentation analyses of the agri-food sector and carried out various sub-sector studies to identify opportunities, major challenges and lines of thought so as to ensure the future of the sector under study. Sophie has thus acquired a very good understanding of the Walloon agri-industrial sector.

After 3 years, she changes her position to become R&D Manager until the beginning of 2023 where she will support different actors in the implementation of collaborative projects. From April 2023, Sophie takes on the role of co-director alongside Johann d’Archambeau and Emmanuel Vanzeveren. She follows the research projects and the regional structuring projects (S3, Circular Wallonia).