About SUSKE sprl

SUSKE sprl is a company which manufactures ice cubes and crushed ice. It distributes its products to hotels and restaurants and supermarkets. The brand developed by the company is ICE-KIMO but its products are also packaged under the retailer brand.


Given the growing demand from our customers, we are investing in a new production line in Ransart. We are also taking the opportunity to develop a new range of increasingly popular products, namely ice cubes with perfect shapes and scented crushed ice.


To be the leaders of the Belgian market in the production of ice cubes and the leaders of the European market in the manufacture of “high-end” ice cubes.

Develop innovative products that will set us apart from the competition.


The company’s philosophy is to promote local roots as much as possible; all the products we manufacture will be sourced from local raw materials. Wagralim helped us in the composition of our file presented to the Walloon Region. The cluster is our partner in our desire to be part of the most sustainable and circular reflection possible.