About us

Stemming from the academic world, Progenus has for more than 18 years capitalized on solid experience in the field of DNA analysis for animals and food. Our range of services is geared to providing guidance and support for our partners in their DNA research. We draw on our work to develop DNA analysis kits for the detection of animals, plants, micro-organisms and allergens. Progenus is also known for its laboratory services: meat traceability, and the detection and quantification of animal species in food.


Detecting bacteria in foods sold in supermarkets creates problems for stock management and logistics for the withdrawal of these foodstuffs. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that supermarkets suffer from a negative image during these recalls and that this creates a certain fear among consumers.

Our solution is to offer an innovative DNA analysis kit to detect bacteria (e.g. salmonella) to the food industry. The kit can be used directly in companies in order to help reduce the timeframes for results and optimize the management of stocks, quality and safety.


  • Develop a synergy between 2 Walloon SMEs and 2 university laboratories so as to create a new approach to DNA analysis.
  • Carry out DNA analysis directly in the facilities of agri-foodstuff companies so that the analysis results can be delivered within extremely short timeframes


The Wagralim team is truly present throughout the entire process, from the reflection on the initial idea to the final drafting of the project, including regular and efficient follow-up during its development. We feel that we are truly supported by a competent team. After two years of working together, the synergy between the partners is strengthened by their complementarity. The first results are promising. This creates a positive dynamic within Progenus, which encourages us to work with other partners and thus to promote innovation even further within our team.