Innovative bacteriophage therapy in livestock management: a strategy to reduce antibiotic use in livestock management

This project was conceived on the basis of the important economic and sanitary impacts related to bovine mastitis in dairy production as well as on the basis of the restrictions on the use of antibiotics as a means of treatment of this pathology. Its objective is the development of phage-based products for the treatment of bovine mastitis, targeting for the moment two of its major pathogens, S. aureus and E. coli.

This consortium is made up of two industrial partners and two research partners: Vésale Bioscience, DNAlytics, CRA-W and ULiège.

Within the framework of this project, the latter will have to build up a phage bank against the two target bacteria, develop a “phagogram” capable of selecting and proposing phages that are active on these bacteria in milk and finally develop a specific formulation based on these phages for the treatment of mastitis in cows during the lactation period.

This innovative project on several levels will lead to numerous spin-offs, mainly on the economic level, sustainable development and job creation for each of the companies involved.

In collaboration with Logos BioWin - BioWin

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