“Development of  innovative polymers for detecting exogenous DNA in agri-food matrices”

The aim of the FLUOFAST project is to develop a synergy between 2 Walloon SMEs and 2 university laboratories in order to create a new approach to DNA analysis. More specifically, this project proposes to carry out DNA analyses directly within the infrastructure and facilities of agri-foodstuff companies so that the analysis results can be delivered within extremely short timeframes, which is beneficial for quality control and consumer safety alike. To that end, kits using (co)polymer technology will be developed and validated, as will a device for analysing and interpreting the results. Furthermore, the deliverables generated in this project should give a considerable competitive advantage to Walloon companies in particular by enabling them to reduce considerably their storage costs while increasing the quality and safety of products placed on the market. This strategy should ultimately help reduce product recalls and thus improve the rather negative Image of food companies among consumers In the wake of different food crises.