“Recovery of by-products from the potato processing process for the fermentation industries and animal nutrition.”

The purpose of the project is to recover organic matter from process and wastewater from the agri-food industries and in particular the potato processing industry which generates several hundreds of thousands of tons of organic matter per year that is little if at all recovered. The specific objectives of the project are to identify the carbon- and nitrogen-rich flows in the Lutosa process, to quantify them and to define the most appropriate recovery methods on a case-by-case basis.

Particular account will have to be taken of the technologies to be deployed so as to collect, store and transport such material at a sufficient level of quality and to develop cost-effective technological processes that will make it possible to bring finished products of interest to market. Compounds for fermentation media and fermented feed that improve the amino acid profile and availability in young weaned pigs are targeted from the outset.