Valorization of plant co-product proteins into biostimulants for agriculture

In the context of the European Green Deal, climate change and an increase in the cost of agricultural inputs (highlighted by the crisis in Ukraine), a “decarbonization” of agriculture, particularly through the introduction of biobased biostimulants appears to be one of the ways to follow.

The acronym of the project, SEED2SEED, highlights the will to valorize local seed co-products through eco-extraction and formulation techniques in order to validate their biostimulant effects on the growth and resistance of crops to climatic stresses.

Our objective is to market biostimulant products with the potential to be applied on more than one million hectares in 2031 (organic or conventional agriculture) for which we can expect an increase in yield for farmers of 5 to 10%, an annual turnover for the consortium of 19 million euros and the maintenance of a sustainable and competitive Walloon agricultural sector (with a direct effect on employment, the creation of 32 jobs within the companies of the consortium).

To set up this local value chain, this project brings together 3 companies, 1 research center and 1 university. All of them bring an essential and complementary expertise to ensure the transformation of local biomass into biostimulants for agriculture.

Estimated at 3.6M€, this project will last 48 months.


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