“Space for Agriculture with Hyperspectral Teledetection & Innovation”

Digital agriculture, using a range of modern technological tools, is a promising approach to limit the negative impact of agriculture on the environment, ensure their resilience, while maintaining an acceptable level of productivity. One of these tools, hyperspectral imaging, is now mature enough to leave the laboratory and become an operational service and offers disruptive prospects.

Used in conjunction with other data sources, it allows new applications with a major impact at the plot level.

SPAGHYTI’s objective is to develop services for the agriculture and forestry management sectors at marginal cost, in the form of applications that provide farmers with relevant and actionable information at the plot level.

The consortium brings together the companies Scan World, AMOS and DELTATEC as well as two research partners : the geomatics team of the Earth and Life Institute and the Centre wallon de Recherche Agronomique.

The project is in collaboration with the Skywin cluster.

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