Development of a machine learning-based process for microbial bioprocess optimization

The Proactif project focuses on the implementation of a bioprocess digitization framework in order to unify technologies for process optimization and microbial strain development. This framework aims at a better exploitation of the available data and a better performance of industrial bioprocesses.

The consortium is composed of 2 companies and 2 research actors: Puratos, Syngulon, Cenaero and ULiège. By combining process development and microbial strains through the digital repository, this consortium aims to provide not only a better understanding but also a thorough mastery of the processes used in the production of enzymes for the agri-food sector.

This innovative approach, which brings together the specific expertise of each of the four Walloon partners in their field, will make it possible to counteract any deviation that may occur during fermentation by optimizing the process, but also to eliminate deviations due to the genotypic and phenotypic diversification of the microbial population.

The consequences are multiple. Firstly, this will result in an increase in the yields of the current processes but above all in a better control of the processes reducing the research and development time at the laboratory scale and thus accelerating the marketing of new enzymes.

This project is co-labelled with  GreenWin |