With the increasing aging of the general population, a more sedentary lifestyle, a less varied diet and more recurring stress situations, intestinal transit disorders are becoming very common discomforts in our society. It is therefore essential to develop nutritional strategies to promote intestinal health so as to maintain good health.

Walloon agri-food companies have to pool their resources in order to acquire a level of competence that will enable them to carry out joint studies on their own products through innovative assessment models set up jointly.

The overall purpose of the GutTransit project is to combine optimally the industrial and scientific contributions of the partners to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products developed by the industrialists so as to maintain a balanced intestinal system, including the intestinal microbiota, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating the functional effects on intestinal peristalsis in humans.

The innovation of this project lies in the development and/or optimization of ingredients, finished products or dietary supplements for a favourable modulation of intestinal motility to optimize peristalsis and transit time. GutTransit will make it possible to characterize changes in intestinal motility in in vivo models and to assess the efficacy of industrial compounds in intervention studies using state-of-the-art, modern and innovative technologies.

The tools/methods developed from this scientific-industrial partnership will enable Walloon industrialists to innovate in the agri-food sector by ultimately providing ingredients or finished products to modulate gastrointestinal motility, including the intestinal microbiota, and in so doing to promote the well-being and health of people suffering from intestinal transit disorders.