Development of interconnected photovoltaic and auxiliary greenhouses

Food and energy issues are crucial for the coming years, and generally oriented towards a consumption that is cleaner, more local and more respectful of the environment. The “GrewFarm” project aims to combine agriculture and green and local energy production. It aims to develop new agrivoltaic equipment as well as the knowledge necessary for the local optimization of crops and energy production.

The consortium of this project, composed of Green Energy 4 Seasons, DHK, UMons, HEPH-Condorcet and ULiège, is studying the creation of a range of agrivoltaic greenhouses, optimized and equipped with auxiliaries (accessories), in order to facilitate the work of the market gardener and to optimize his productions.

These greenhouses will be provided with adapted auxiliaries such as heat pumps and ventilation systems, irrigation and LED systems, charging and storage terminals, crop monitoring tools, etc.

GrewFarm’s objective is to industrially produce and supply turnkey equipment to market gardeners, who will be able to use it without having to bear the investment, in particular via a third-party investment model by energy providers.

The ambition is to facilitate the local development of diversified market gardeners, both in Belgium and internationally, combined with the production of energy used in the greenhouses and nearby (similar to a local Renewable Energy Community).

Contrary to other types of alternative energy production, the “GrewFarm” greenhouses are integrated in the landscape and allow the final consumers (residents / SMEs / communities) to benefit from local and affordable vegetable and energy production.

This project is co-labelled with the following clusters :GreenWin | and  Le Pôle MecaTech, moteur d'innovation en génie mécanique - Pôle MecaTech