« Innovative approach to stress through the development of nutritional ingredients »

The suffering caused by stress in our modern societies is a growing global problem. Research into the mechanisms behind these various disorders has been going on for a long time and the importance of the link between the intestines and the brain has been clearly demonstrated through numerous scientific studies. These mechanisms are therefore of growing interest, particularly because of the potential solutions that could be developed to preserve our physical and mental health from the suffering imposed by this excess of stress.

In the context of this problem, the companies Ortis, Lacto Research and Botalys, in partnership with the internationally recognised Universities of Liège, UCLouvain and Mons, are collaborating within the MICROBIOSTRESS project to develop a natural, effective and safe solution. This innovative formulation will be the result of solid scientific research and will combine ingredients targeting the mechanisms involved in the development of disabling symptoms generated by the stress factor. Given the fact that these affect young and old alike, the product developed will be suitable for a very broad population.