Founded in 2006, wagralim is Wallonia’s competitiveness cluster for the agro-industry. Based right in the heart of Europe, the cluster mainly focuses on collaboration between industry, universities, research centres and training institutions.
The goals they share are to create value, improve performance, and establish a footing on international markets by relying on innovation.

The cluster is also

  • A team of 10 employees
  • A technological support platform, Keyfood
  • D’Avenir (For the Future) initiative
  • more than 200 regional partners & members
  • 36 projects approved by the cluster
  • 142 products and services developed
  • 18 patent applications
  • more than 8,700 people trained(figures at the end of 2015)

Nos quatre domaines d’action

Innover &

Se former &


Se rencontrer

We speed up the process of creating value within businesses in the Walloon agro-industry through innovation, partnership and an outward-looking approach.

Launched in April 2014 by the APFACA, Comeos Wallonie, Fevia Wallonie and the FWA, coordinated by wagralim and supported by Wallonia, the D’Avenir initiative focuses on collaboration between different stakeholders to help develop the Walloon agri-food system to boost sustainability in order to guarantee a prosperous future.

Keyfood offers agri-food businesses a range of technological support services in the fields of Nutrition & Health, Engineering & Technology and Quality & Safety. The platform also offers help with setting up a new business (finding funding and meeting infrastructure needs). It is an improvement and development tool based on partnerships you can trust!

Nos événements

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