About Père Olive

Père-Olive [Father Olive] is a company that specializes in the production and sale of olives and Mediterranean products and has been one of the European leaders in its market for more than 20 years. Its products are present in some twenty countries in Europe and the rest of the world. It currently employs more than 115 people and has been part of the Labeyrie Fine Foods group since 2016.



Père Olive’s marketing team wanted to identify new growth platforms so as to secure its long-term success. Specific advice and support were put in place to generate ideas for differentiating concepts in line with consumer needs.


Methodology :   

     Organization of an inspiration and innovation workshop with experts in the field and representatives from different departments of the company on hand

     Market research study on the general public to get feedback on the ideas generated in phase 1

     Inspiration through various visits to hotel and catering establishments and points of sale

    A co-creation workshop to prototype and select the most promising concepts



“The fruitful exchanges by and between the company’s people, external stakeholders and Wagralim’s team enabled us to confirm and refine certain ideas already present, but also to delve into unchartered areas and to challenge some of them a priori.  The methodology put in place led to concrete concepts and clear product briefings on which we are now working internally. Furthermore, the various workshops have helped to bring the team together for common projects shared by the employees, which facilitates and enriches the development process”.