Smart sensors for the food production industry.

The improvement of quality control, resource efficiency and food safety represent critical demands of the food processing industry. Digitalisation is emerging as an effective solution. The EU-funded S3Food project aims to connect firms specialised in food processing with advanced sensor technology. It will create a network of living labs to organise cross-sectoral and cross-border actions.

The result will be a wide range of events of business character, which will involve SMEs and innovation companies. It will encourage the application of smart sensor systems in the food processing industry. A further display and commercialisation of the project will be supported by an innovation voucher scheme issued to SMEs in Europe.


Smart Sensor Systems for Food safety, quality control and resource efficiency in the food processing industry (S3Food) will facilitate the modernisation and digitalisation of the food processing industry. S3Food will stimulate the integration of IoT and related technologies via the implementation of smart sensor systems in the food production processes in order to improve quality control, resource efficiency and the follow-up of food safety in the food production process.

S3Food brings together clusters with a background in food processing industry, IoT, ICT and sensor technology. It will strengthen current and develop new cross-sectoral industrial value chains within the food production and processing industries through a combination of direct and indirect innovation actions, as well as support and capacity building measures.

S3Food sets up a network of living labs, organize cross-sectoral, cross-border matchmaking/business/investment events, demonstrations and study visits for SMEs across geographical borders, sectors and with different innovation actors. An innovation voucher scheme will support the realisation of high-TRL, large scale, demonstration and commercialisation projects across Europe.

Besides the consortium network, associated clusters from the S3 platform on Smart Sensor Systems 4 agri-food and other networks will support the outreach to SMEs across the EU.

More than 200 SME will participate in matchmaking events. A turnover growth rate of 30% is targeted in the SMEs having participated in support cases one year after the end of the project, preserving / creating more than 1000 jobs after the end of the project and by 2025. S3Food will operate for 3 years and has a total budget of € 5.046.050 €3.993.000 of which will directly benefit SMEs (79%). € 2.875.000 of the budget is targeted to provide innovation vouchers, and catalyse large-scale demonstration with commercialisation projects with 62 beneficiaries.

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