The partnership creates an inter-regional network in which consumer trends and habits, market trends and identified needs in industrial application areas are monitored and recorded, enabling the partners to identify topics of interest for their core business or for potential new business developments across Europe.

Having identified new trends, business cases and process/product developments, partners assess opportunities to develop new products and services based on new or improved ingredients/additives, and to benefit from the “technology network“. They can identify available and existing actions and technologies, and get an overview of pilot installations in partner regions. They also underline their lack of skills to cover the whole value chain. All these steps will be systematically questioned and analyzed in the light of sustainable development objectives.


This will lead to the identification of investment opportunities in the value chain, for example by filling technology gaps, proposing pilot or demonstration facilities that will be aligned with the needs of economic players. The partnership will encourage inter-regional collaboration between a variety of partners, and strengthen the competitiveness of industries as they aim to better respond to specific consumer demands emerging from market analysis. This partnership therefore offers a unique opportunity for demand-driven inter-regional innovation in the field of ingredients, with a strong focus on sustainability issues at every stage. An action plan will be drawn up to target potential innovation opportunities.

The driving force behind the partnership processes will be the collection and analysis of consumer trends, technological developments and market demands observed in regional markets by cluster organizations, living labs, opinion leaders and industry players (both B2C and B2B companies).

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