The overall objective of this project is the development of a joint internationalisation strategy for our clusters, a smart strategy based on an original combination of various interconnected specializations. Together we aim to enhance the competitiveness of the SMEs in our clusters, to encourage the development of emerging industries in Europe and to access emerging markets more easily.

By smartly combining various specializations, the consortium members, Wagralim (B), Vitagora (F), Food valley (NL) and Valorial (F), who are active in the agricultural food industry sector, have defined three complementary value chains that represent great opportunities of growth for their member companies at an international level:

a) the market of connected food;

b) the market of functional food and healthy ingredients;

c) the market of processed food product.

These value chains are the meeting point of the clusters’ expertises. The development of a joint internationalisation strategy will on the one hand enhance each member’s international efforts, enabling our SMEs to be stronger and more competitive in markets outside Europe and, on the other hand, will enable the participating clusters to have a unique and specialised joint position enabling to participate to the development of new emerging technologies. Our mission is serving and exploiting major societal challenges of Europe 2020 and of Horizon 2020: the consumer wellness and health and the building of tomorrow’s economy.

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