Training Courses

Strengthen your skills

As a CEO and/or Manager in the food industry (R&D, Quality, Production, Marketing, etc.), you seek to develop your skills in order to build the company of tomorrow while maintaining your competitiveness in a sector that is constantly changing.

Wagralim helps you keep current your knowledge base of changing trends, new market approaches and technological developments. Managerial innovation, operational excellence and digital support are essential to turn strategic challenges into opportunities for value creation.

Beyond competitive pricing, you can also take advantage from the following:

  • JC 118 and JC 220: Alimento
    • €130/day and €65/half-day per person
    • Maximum price of €390/day per company
  • JC 207 and JC 116: Co Valent
    • 0.15% of the gross wage bill (a higher subsidy for SMEs)
    • For SMEs
      • €750 for workers
      • €5000 if > 10 employees
      • €500/employee if < 10 employees

What is your training need?

Coordinatrice Food Management

We offer various training modules:

Espresso Meetings

During short interactive sessions, we bring in an expert to answer your questions on a specific subject in the fields of R&D, Quality, Production, Marketing, and so on.

University Students Attending Lecture On Campus

Intra-company Workshops

In collaboration with academic experts, Keyfood offers intra-company training courses that can fulfil your scientific and technological needs in all respects in the fields of R&D, Quality, Production, and so on.

  • Workshop on the determination and validation of heat treatment scales
  • Workshop on the nutritional positioning of a product with respect to competing products
Students in biology attending training with microbiologist

Training cycle in industrial management

Over several days, you are faced with the company’s real-world issues through the development of a methodological approach.

Two factory workers monitoring the production

Industrial Performance

During 4 days over several weeks, you’ll learn about implementing the Total Productive Maintenance – World Class Manufacturing approach. You will visit 3 industries and will exchange experiences with those working in industry.

For production managers and department managers (R&D, Quality, Marketing, etc.)

2 cycles (spring and summer) + 1 day TPM Academy per year

Digital strategy in your company

Wagralim offers to CEO to implement in only several weeks a digital project in their factory by a digital boostcamp turned towards agrifood and conducted by Microsoft in Mons. Kick-off: January 2019.

Wagralim is also a partner of the “Made Different Digital Wallonia” program, which can give you access to online diagnosis and support in your digital transformation. For more information on “How to anchor industry 4.0. in Wallonia?” follow this link.

Alimento Training Workshops

These short courses (from half a day to 2 days), which take place in the form of workshops, cover topics related to innovation, development and the mastery of your processes.


What is your training need?

Coordinatrice Food Management

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Digital training and support.
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