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7 good reasons to become a member

Find the answer to your requests for contacts, your innovation and product development projects, all thanks to our network of academic and industrial players in Belgium and abroad (over 10,000). As a function of your request related to innovation and your product and process development, Wagralim quickly identifies the partner or partners (suppliers of equipment, ingredients, specific products, complementary services, etc.) who can assist you in developing your innovation projects.
You’ll have access to quality support in marketing your innovative products by participating in regional collaborative research and development projects (via the Marshall Plan), as well as in your search for international expertise.
As a member of the Pôle, you will receive premiums within the framework of investment aid in Wallonia. Our experts will assist you as you assemble your files.
You’ll receive a preferential rate on most of our services (Keyfood Support, Business Package, etc.), as well as on our technical and managerial training courses.
You’ll receive optimal visibility with clients and potential partners in Belgium and abroad thanks to our communication tools (our blog, newsletter, social networks, events, job offer sharing, and more.)
Have access to discussion workshops that bring together decision-makers in the food processing sector around managerial and organisational themes. The aim of these events is to share ideas the problems encountered and to identify solutions together. The workshops are organised either by function (CEO Workshops, Marketing Task Force, International and R&D) or by theme (Working Groups). Wagralim also organises excursions to visit member companies.
Receive a monthly food monitoring statement by email, as well as detailed reports to better anticipate changes in consumption and to develop the products and services of tomorrow.

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