Welcome back to the final edition of our “New Frontiers in Food” newsletter.
This is the last of our series of four newsletters dedicated to bringing you market overviews and opportunities to assist your international development.
This time, we are delighted to focus on South Korea. If you missed the first three newsletters, please contact your cluster representative to find out more.
A new phase for “New Frontiers in Food” consortium Important steps have been made by the New Frontiers in Food consortium over the
past months. Phase one of the project is coming to an end and an internationalisation “roadmap” has been drawn and an action plan is underway based on intelligence gathered over the last 18 months.
This action plan includes a further focus on the key target countries outside of Europe with emphasis on Brazil, Canada, China and USA. Relevant clusters or potential partnership organisations have been contacted, with a memorandum of understanding in the works for many of them.
Most importantly, phase 2 of the project is in the works. From the beginning of 2018, this second phase will involve the recruitment of our clusters’ members to actively take part in missions and development actions with the identified partners. You can visit the NFIF website  to find out more about the upcoming activities and missions.
To conclude, we are looking forward to working with you the upcoming steps in the 2nd phase of the project and to work with you on your internationaisation!
Best regards,
News Frontiers in Food Consortium Members