Internationalization of healthy food products, biosourced techno-functional solutions and biosolutions.

This project aims to:

  • Strengthen strategic inter-cluster cooperation by maximizing inter-regional and inter-cluster cooperation while orienting their strategies towards a competing European and international identity and uniqueness and with the aim of accelerating business abroad ;
  • Develop joint services with the European consortium to promote collaboration around internationalization services, including support for appointment books and training sessions;
  • Engage “European Entrepreneur Delegations” on discovery and B2B missions while providing a select set of SMEs with practical, customized business intelligence and market development support services.

Target markets:

The targeted foreign markets are Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and Canada which are promising markets for healthy foods, bio-based ingredients and techno-functional solutions and biosolutions.

Events are planned in each target country:

  • International BtoB Webinars: 15 international B2B events.
  • BtoB Europe Webinars: 3 events on internationalization.
  • Business intelligence file: 1 business intelligence file per country.

Among these 5 countries, we have targeted 3 in which activities are strengthened. Through calls for expressions of interest, the selected companies will be able to benefit from free of charge :

  • Exploratory mission: visit of a European delegation (i.e. participants from the 5 partner countries) organized to the target countries and including personalized B2B (travel assistance up to 2000 euros for SMEs)
  • Meeting book (commercial support): an individualized meeting book in one of the target countries online (financial support up to 3000 euros for SMEs)
  • Training sessions (working groups): 3 trans-national working groups for internationalization & innovation of SMEs (free of charge)


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