Through open innovation, Wagralim intends to foster cooperation between companies and academic institutions, the sharing of knowledge and access to market opportunities in the food processing sector.

With strict confidentiality, we organize and supervise solid partnerships to accelerate the growth of food processing companies with innovative products that meet standards of excellence and sustainability.

Since its founding, Wagralim has helped implement many collaborative projects in Research and Training.

At the same time, the Pôle has forged numerous links with Clusters and foreign organizations, thereby opening opportunities for collaboration for its companies and partners in the world of research.

Wagralim has also led to the creation of technological platforms such as Keyfood (driven by the Pôle) and Natextra, as well as the emergence of the Avenir program, bringing together economic players working to create a more sustainable food processing system.

The Pôle connects companies and players in its field on a daily basis, both to deal with ad hoc requests and to develop ambitious innovation strategies.