Galactic is specialized in the production and marketing of lactic acid produced by sugar fermentation.


Why did you need Wagralim’s services?

Galactic works with Wagralim, whose services collaborate closely with university departments that are at the forefront in the development of new technologies related to food microbiology.


What was missing that prevented smooth operations for the company?

Our customers regularly asked us to identify the microorganism or microorganisms responsible for the degradation of their food products, while others asked us to simulate the action of our natural preservatives on Listeria monocytogenes.

Recent techniques used to answer these two questions are metagenomics and growth modelling based on biostatistical analyses.

As things stand, Galactic is unable to develop/process, through its own services, this kind of rather specialized information.

We have also collaborated on two projects coached by Wagralim:


These two projects enabled us to bring together several universities and industrial players.


What led you to turn to Wagralim to meet demands?

We have been members for years and through Keyfood.


Was your decision to contact Wagralim the result of an internal decision-making process?



What service did it seem most logical to look into? Why?

  1. The metagenomic analyses by way of a spin-off from ULiège – Quality Partner. In collaboration with Prof. Clinquart and Prof. Daube’s Foodstuffs Department.
  2. The creation of a predictive model for Listeria monocytogenes with the same department at ULiège, led by Prof. Clinquart.


How did Wagralim, through its methodology, successfully meet your needs?

We obtained very good results, both in the identification of microorganisms degrading a food product and in the prediction of protection against Listeria monocytogenes using one of our natural solutions and/or Clean Label. The model is, with a login and password, available on our website.


Do you have any other experiences or remarks you would like to share regarding Wagralim?

We are in discussions with Wagralim regarding the possibility of hiring out our tools available in our innovation centre in Brussels to third parties.