Dumoulin is a manufacturer of animal feed for national and international markets. Thanks to its experience, the company uses innovative techniques in the manufacture of its complete and complementary feeds, as well as some specialties, such as flaxseed and omega-3 fatty acids.


Why did you need Wagralim’s services?

We have been part of the extensive network of the Wagralim competitiveness Pôle for years. It was an easy decision for us to collaborate with Wagralim in order to meet researchers, academics and colleagues working in industry.

In particular, it is to meet our needs for efficiency in innovation that we actively collaborate with Wagralim. The Pôle was able to help us manage the economic and marketing aspects of our R&D projects.

We were able to meet the right contact persons for each problematic situation. Sometimes, simply by sharing ideas an effective solution becomes apparent.


What was missing that prevented smooth operations for the company?

In general, the Wagralim network allows us to strengthen and develop what we had previously built by joining the Nutrition Cluster.

Since 2005, Dumoulin has participated in collaborative research projects. The assistance we received in setting up R&D projects has been very useful thanks to Wagralim’s experience and knowledge of the sector, as well as their privileged contacts with authorities.


What led you to turn to Wagralim?

Wagralim fully meets the expectations of our company thanks to its methodology. They make a point of gathering the right people to work on  R&D projects, whether for the creation of new projects, as well as in supporting companies during the creation, presentation, the defence before the juries, and a little later, during execution.


How did Wagralim, through its methodology, successfully meet your needs?

What convinced our company to collaborate with Wagralim was above all their readiness to internationalize relationships to benefit members, even if, in terms of project construction, this is not always obvious (limits in terms of financing…).


Do you have any other experiences or remarks you would like to share regarding Wagralim?

Wagralim has always opted to take into account the company’s ambitions, such as its business approaches (marketing, sales, etc.).

Wagralim also provided us with valuable platforms, such as Keyfood, so as to allow different companies to work together, which would otherwise be unavailable.