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Join Wagralim, the network of food processing industry innovators

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and to develop partnerships in a rapidly growing sector?

Wagralim aims to serve as a meeting and networking hub for economic players in the food processing sector, as well as for research and training centres.

We are able to mobilize each important link of the sector (farmers, suppliers, Food and Feed processors, distributors, etc.), and we do this both nationally and internationally.

As part of a community of 6 Walloon competitiveness clusters, Wagralim can extend its network into complementary fields such as biotechnology, logistics, the environment, and so on.

Wagralim also coordinates different platforms such as:


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La Démarche D’Avenir

Developing sustainably so as to ensure a prosperous future is a growing focus for all who work in the food processing system.

Born in April 2014 as an initiative of 4 federations (BFA, Comeos Wallonie, FEVIA Wallonie, and FWA), La Démarche D’Avenir is coordinated and led by the Wagralim competitiveness cluster. Its goal is to coordinate animation groups to advance food processing chains in terms of sustainability. It sets forth common strategy for sustainable development, encourages and highlights concrete initiatives and encourages exchanges between the players in the system in order to push the Walloon food processing system toward greater sustainability.



This annual Wagralim event is the major happening where those working in industry, research and training centres, as well as decision-makers can meet and share ideas on innovative and collaborative subjects. It provides ideal opportunities for launching promising contacts at pre-arranged meetings, dynamic seminars with real added value for your business, and keynote speakers who will fill you in on the latest trends and technologies.

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