About us

Active in R&D, Sil’Innov belongs to the same group as Eytelia, a company that specializes in silicon-based food and cosmetic supplements.

Created in 1995, Eytelia had an in-house R&D department until 2016 when the R&D part was transferred to the new structure, Sil’Innov.

Their mission is to develop new molecules or new products based on silicon and validate them by conducting clinical or animal efficacy tests. Validation tests based on this research are necessary in order to carry out formulations and research oriented towards chemistry.


Although Sil’Innov has a solid network of scientific partners, it was looking for laboratories with a cutting-edge expertise in drying techniques, the implementation of Pharmacopoeia protocols, in vitro and in vivo studies, etc. Their research is therefore highly varied, which is why they called on Keyfood.


  • Direct and accompany them to the appropriate scientific partner capable of helping them in their scientific challenges.
  • Bring in scientific skills that they do not have in their teams.


“Keyfood is real added value when it comes to providing partners with ad hoc knowledge and equipment.  Turning to Keyfood means real savings in terms of time and energy that spares us from having to find these partners ourselves. Keyfood also makes us aware of certain partnerships that we wouldn’t have thought of.

The added value also lies in a good understanding of the needs upstream, which enables us to start from the knowledge we already have internally and to brainstorm with academic stakeholders.”