Missions and Strategy

About Wagralim

Founded in 2006 as a non-profit, Wagralim is one of 6 competitiveness clusters seeking to support economic activity and employment in strategic areas in Wallonia.

Located in the heart of Europe, the Wagralim Pôle, specialist in the food processing sector, relies primarily on collaboration between those working in industry, universities, research centres and training centres.

Our mission is to speed up the creation of value within Walloon companies in the food processing sector through innovation, partnerships and openness to the world.

Our Vision

We are a go-to partner for technological, commercial or managerial innovation in the food processing industry.

Interconnected and sustainable agrifood system: 3 strategic axes

Interconnected and sustainable agrifood system

  • Industrial valorization of Walloon and European productions, protein independence, reasoned use of inputs, agricultural and food innovations to maintain the ecosystem capacity of the food system by integrating climate change.
  • Innovations for the creation of value from agrifood co-products and circularity.
  • New business models for a resilient food system.

Efficient and transparent industry

  • Innovative food technologies for a product conservation (clean label, packaging …) and an optimal food safety, a better quality (organoleptic and nutritional), a reduction of food waste, the negative impact of packaging and increased energy efficiency.
  • Organizational methods for better efficiency in industry, human-centered innovation.
  • Digital technologies in industry.

Nutrition and

  • Nutritional quality and personalized nutrition, food innovations for the reduction of noncommunicable diseases, new modes of consumption and distribution, digital innovations on the value chain.

Our Values

The activities and life of the Pôle, as carried out by the coordination team, the working groups or the consortia of which we are composed, place maximum value on cooperation, leadership and excellence, and reflect our enthusiasm, passion and ambition.

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