Keyfood Support

Keyfood, a platform geared to your needs

Keyfood Service provides scientific, technical and operational support to the R&D, Quality and Production departments of your company involved, either directly or indirectly, in the food processing sector.

Keyfood can help you in your search for public financial aid, as well as in meeting your real estate needs.

Keyfood’s personalised service offers 3 complementary areas of engagement:


Scientific and technological support devoted to adapting and improving your products

To quickly identify the skills your company is looking for, Keyfood’s scientific team works closely with 75 university laboratories in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, giving you access to the fields of quality, safety, nutrition, health, engineering and technology in the broadest sense.

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Conseillère Keyfood en Nutrition & Santé

Services provided

Expertise scientifique et conseils

Organizing brainstorming sessions with respect to the valorisation of co-products
The development of enzyme-based technology applications

Analytical approaches

Locating microbial contamination
Analytical characterization of a plant extract

Developments in Health and Environment

Digestibility testing of protein-rich foods
Conducting a clinical study testing the effectiveness of a food supplement


Granulation of a powdered plant extract
Aromatisation of a syrup designed to mask initial taste

Provision of equipment for the laboratory and for use throughout the company

Intra-company training

Examples of workshops

Workshop on the determination and validation of heat treatment scales

Workshop on the nutritional positioning of a product in relation to competitors’ products


Assistance in identifying sources of public financial aid and in preparing of subsidy application files

For example: A grant request for a Research Project Manager (RPM)

For example: A grant request (Technical Support) for the experimental development of a food product


Support for the implementation of your activities

For example: Search for production space for a start-up in the transformation of fresh produce
For example: Environmental permit granting procedure for an insect breeding production unit


Describe your request

Conseillère Keyfood en Nutrition & Santé

The team

Conseillère Keyfood en Technologie & Ingénierie

Conseillère Keyfood en Nutrition & Santé